Can our school keep the domain name we've been using?

The simple answer is yes! If your website is hosted in the root of your .com or .edu it will be no trouble to simply have the Google Site map over to your domain. This will be a challenge, however, if your website is hosted in a subfolder. In that case, MisterEdTech Consulting can setup a redirect from the location of your site to your new Google Site web address.

Isn't the new Google Sites coming out soon? Why are you releasing this on the old platform?

Yes, the new Google Sites released 11/9/16 for domains scheduled for rapid release. However, there are a lot of essential features that are still not available with the new platform (see here: Many of these features are important for the website to have full functionality. Once the new platform comes fully up to speed, I would be more than willing and capable of building your website on the platform of your preference.

What will happen to Google Sites made under the classic system when the new Google Sites releases?

Google has promised a migration tool to help move Sites over. Don't worry! There are thousands upon thousands of Sites that have already been made and Google has pledged to make sure that their customers are satisfied with this transition. Right now the best information I have suggests that the classic Sites and new Sites will co-exist for a period of at least a year.

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